40th Anniversary Tributes From Notable Club Members

Tributes From Some of the Many Notable Members of the Cleveland Heights Democrat, on the Occasion of the Club’s 40th Anniversary:

“With all good wishes for continued success! I particularly value my association with what were then (and maybe still are) the reformers, looking for a better way.” –  Hon. Arthur V.N. Brooks, former State Representative and club president

“I was an early club member and Treasurer for a long time. Celia Friedberg (who was President) and her husband Jack, and Tony Satullo and Milt Tenenbaum, were all very influential in my learning to be a political organizer.  It was about helping good people run for office, long before I thought of seeking office myself. Celia, in particular, explained to me the importance of the club as a voluntary membership organization, separate from the ward organization. Congratulations to the club on this special occasion!” –  Hon. Mary Boyle, former State Representative and County Commissioner and candidate for U.S. Senate and Ohio Treasurer

“It’s hard to believe that it’s forty years. Dick Weigand was one of the people who helped Jack Boyle make the majority.  It was a wonderful election! The people of Cleveland Heights clearly understood that change was in the offing. And the change was the usual difference between R’s and D’s that made this town what it is today.  Later, while Dick was still on council, I served a couple of terms on the school board. He  always said I won because I ran on his name. NOT!  I’m here, hangin’ in, confident that first ring suburbs are the place to be. Congrats on forty years!” – Hon. Maureen Weigand, former Board of Education member and club president and spouse of the late City Council member and Mayor Dick Weigand

“My best memory of the Cleveland Heights Democrats was the Conventions we held when we were trying to gain back control of City Council. At the first one in 1979 we had 400 people but the one in 1981 was even bigger — more than 600 people gathered to choose candidates for City Council and we (the Democrats) won control of City Council that year.” – Elaine Fortney, Ward Leader and former club president and Ward Leader at Large

“I have great memories of the Cleveland Heights Democrats. When I was first active in the late 1970s and early 1980s it was a very special time. The club was aggressive, innovative, and really inclusive. Congratulations on your 40th anniversary!” – Jay Seaton, former Ward and City Leader

“The late sixties was a dynamic and exciting period in Cleveland Heights, and the Cleveland Heights Democrats club was the catalyst for change during that time. The City Council became more representative of the people. I was president for three years. I’m glad to have been part of the club’s history and to help celebrate this 40th anniversary.” – Judy Heyer, former Club President

“Big congratulations on this special occasion! The Cleveland Heights Democrats are like a family, and have always stood for the things that most care about – putting people first, caring for the environment, and standing up for those who need a voice. The club encouraged and supported me when I first decided to run for the General Assembly. I have so many fond memories from belonging to the Cleveland Heights Democrats!” – Hon. Barbara Boyd, State Representative

“I joined the club during the Nixon-Humphrey presidential election in 1968. (Back then I had a lot more hair!) People in the club encouraged me when I won a seat on the school board. Congratulations to the club on this anniversary, and keep up the great work!” – John Burke, former Board of Education member

“I’ve really enjoyed the wonderful people I’ve met and the many interesting campaigns in which I’ve participated during my many years in the Cleveland Heights Democrats. Best wishes and congratulations!” – Nancy Welchans, former Club President

“Congratulations on a terrific organization that serves the community well. We hope that your good works continue for many more years!” – Nancy and Bob Klein, former Ward Leader

“For forty years, the Cleveland Heights Democrats have made a real difference on the local scene and have influenced policy in the county. We have stood together embracing the values that define the Cleveland Heights community and we have had fun at the same time.  I am proud to have been a member for well over 30 years. Congratulations on 40 years of working for real democracy.” – Hon. Bonnie Caplan, City Council member and former Club President

“The Cleveland Heights Democrats began in 1968, the year we tried to save Hubert Humphrey (it didn’t work). The club was the beginning of the new Cleveland Heights. It is significant that Barack Obama’s theme in 2008 is change, because that was our theme in 1969: “Change Heights Council!” And we did, not that year but the next time around. I was the first Democratic member of the City Council in 1971, and the first Democratic Mayor in 1973. We were the original advocates of change!” – Jack Boyle, former City Council member and Club President

“I have been an active member of the Cleveland Heights Democrats since 1982, when I helped to bring in 65 new people to join the club. We had an endorsement meeting that was so large we held it at The Civic. Republicans still dominated the City Council at that time and the Cleveland Heights Democrats helped turn the city around. Congratulations to our club on 40 years of continued success in serving the community.” – Hon. Phyllis Evans, City Council member, Vice Mayor, and former Club President

“We feel privileged to have been part of the Cleveland Heights Democrats. Congratulations on your 40th anniversary!” – Hon. John and Jean Sweeney, former State Representative and Board of Education member, respectively

“Congratulations to my friends in the Cleveland Heights Democrats. I have many wonderful memories of working together to help make our community a better place!” – Blanche Livingstone

“The heart and soul of the Cleveland Heights Democrats when I joined was Celia Friedberg. I was president of the club in 1975 and 1976. Participation in the organization was my introduction to progressive local political action. Congratulations to the club on this special occasion!” – Hon. Ken Montlack, City Council member and former Club President

“Congratulations to the club on your 40th anniversary! We remember when Cleveland Heights was a totally Republican town, and we remember the wonderful activists in the Cleveland Heights Democrats who led the way in changing that. The club continues to be a significant force, with lots of good people.” – Walter Nicholes and Nina McClellan

“Greetings and congratulations to the Cleveland Heights Democrats on this special occasion, and thanks to all the members over the years who have worked so hard to serve the community.” – Judith Botwin, former Club President

“My work with the Cleveland Heights Democrats is directly responsible for my being appointed to the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas by Gov. Dick Celeste in 1991. Had the club not been so active in County and City political life, this would not have occurred.  Congratulations and keep up
the good work!” – Judge Janet Burnside, Court of Appeals

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