Reminder: 9/10 Candidate and Issue Endorsement

As we prepare for our upcoming 2015 Endorsement meeting, we wanted to share questionnaire responses supplied by this year’s candidates.

Before attending the endorsement meeting on Thursday, September 10, please take the time to read through these responses. When you arrive on Thursday, we will check in all voting members to confirm status as “in good standing” and eligible to vote. If you are not current for 2015, but were a member in 2014, you will have the option of paying dues at the door ($15, cash or check). If you are not current for 2015 AND were also not a member in 2014, you are welcome and encouraged to attend, but will not be eligible to vote.

The following individuals are seeking endorsement by the Cleveland Heights Democrats. You can read their responses to a range of questions in the links below.

2015 Cleveland Heights City Council Candidates (Vote for up to 3)
1.) T. Nadas
2.) Carol Roe
3.) Kahlil Seren
4.) Keba Sylla

2015 CH-UH Board of Education Candidates (Vote for up to 2)
1.) James Posch
2.) Katura Simmons
3.) Beverly Wright

In addition to endorsing candidates for City Council and School Board, we will make an endorsement on the Cleveland Heights Income Tax Issue.

As always, we look forward to an excellent meeting and hope that you can join us!

Thursday, September 10th, 7:00 p.m.
Cleveland Heights Community Center
1 Monticello Boulevard (between Mayfield and Lee Road)

This meeting is free and open to the public.

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