11/13 CH Dems Meeting – Moving Forward: Next Steps, Housekeeping for Dems in Cleveland Heights

Please join us Thursday night as we get to work on important issues for our club.

Thursday, November 13, 2014
7:00 p.m.

Cleveland Heights Community Center
1 Monticello Boulevard (between Mayfield and Lee Road)

1. We will be selecting a nominating committee that will get to work on identifying and recommending candidates for 2015 club officers and trustees. Why not you? This is very important work and a great opportunity to share your leadership skills with our club to improve our organization.

2. We also will have a discussion about what kinds of meetings and activities to plan for 2015. How do we want to engage with each other? Where and when do we prefer to meet? What can we do to grow our support and membership? How should we get more engaged with the county and state party organizations to promote positive change and more effective election strategies?

3. Of course we will also share our thoughts on the election, and the changes to be made in our leadership.

Look forward to seeing you there!